Create a New Program Proposal/Planning Submission

The following steps are general instructions how to to create a new program proposal or planning submission. There are many types of submissions available, such as Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Proposals (first time) and Planning (annual) submissions, Domestic Field Study Planning submissions, Embedded Study Away planning submissions, and Independent Experiences planning su.

Please use the following contacts for questions about these submissions:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start by going to and navigating to the Faculty & Staff page.

2. Find the appropriate option within the dropdown under Faculty Resources.

3. Once you've reached the respective page, click on the red button indicating "Start"

4. If you are not already logged in, select "UGA MyID Login" and follow the prompts.

5. Select the term in which you intend to run the program and click Apply.


6. After selecting a term, you'll be taken to the submission page. Each of the types of program submissions differ, but in general, there will be two sections which must be completed:


a. Application Questionnaire(s) - these are simple web forms that allow you to type information into the system. Simply click on them to get started. You may save your work and return later by clicking the Save button at the bottom of a questionnaire. Otherwise, when you are ready, you may submit the questionnaire by clicking Done.

b. Material Submissions - These are documents that must be uploaded into the system. Examples might include budget proposals, supporting signatures, itineraries, and course information. Clicking on a Material Submission will show you the instructions and provide any necessary templates. To actually upload a material submission, you must upload it through the Documents section (see C below).

c. Attached Documents - This panel is where you may upload Material Submissions into the system. You can reach the Documents tab at the top of the application page. Find the type of document you are uploading; you can drag and drop it into the blue boxes, or click the Browse button to select the document from your computer. Once dropped or selected, the page will refresh and the document will show at the top of the page.

Please note: The Material Submission requirements will not be automatically marked as received; after OGE staff review the attached documents, the requirements will then be marked as received.

7. Once all Questionnaires are complete and all Material Submissions are uploaded, your submission is complete. You will be contacted directly if there are any issues.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: