How to open applications for a new term

Before a new term, programs have to open applications to receive them.

1) Log in to the StudyAway Portal at using your given credentials (UGA MyID or emailed login).

2) Click Programs > List All on the black navigation bar at the top.

3) Click on the Program Group drop-down menu and select your program's category. For many users, this will be "UGA Faculty-Led".

4) Locate the program you want to edit and click the Pencil icon on the right hand side .

5) Click on the Dates tab .

6) Once you've opened the Dates tab:

a. Scroll down to the section labeled, "Add New Date Record".

b. Click the "Please select a term" drop-down menu, select the term you would like to enable applications for, and then click the Add Term button.

8) Enter the dates for your program.

  • Start Date is the day that students will leave the United States for your trip. If you don't know this date yet, you can leave this field blank or put your best estimate.
  • End Date is the day students will return to the United States from your trip. If you don't know this date yet, you can leave this field blank or put your best estimate.
  • Application Deadline is the date that applications will close for your program. This can be extended at a later time. The default value is the system default and should be adjusted to whatever is correct for your program.
  • Decision Date is the date that students will be notified that they are accepted, rejected, etc.

Note: If you want Rolling Admissions for your program (meaning students are immediately notified of your decision), set the Decision Date to any day in the past-- literally any day before today's date.

9) If you entered a start and end date for your program, check the box labeled "Create program itinerary record with these dates". This will indicate that students on your program will be traveling to your program's location(s) during these dates. If you did not add start and end dates, or the box is grayed-out, you do not need to check it.

10) When you have finished entering your dates, ensure that the box for "Accepting Applications" is checked and then click Add.

11) You will be brought back to the dates tab. You can confirm that you are accepting applications by looking at the blue notification box just above the table of dates.